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+ What are the membership options?

There are several options: Connect Free, Connect Classic, Connect Plus, Connect Premier, Connect Select and Connect Corporate. We are happy to discuss the benefits of each package with you.

+ Is there a trial?

No, however, you can join Connect Free at no cost.

+ How do I join?

If you are interested in joining please call our team on 01372-748110 and we will be happy to help. Following a short call, we can guide you on which membership will be right for you, and explain how you can join.

+ What type of introductions will I receive?

Our primary goal is to connect you with like-minded people, where we believe there is a good fit with the people and the businesses. We call these "synergy introductions", and we hope you'll find ways to help one another. Unless specifically specified in our introduction to both parties these meetings are not to be treated as "selling opportunities".

+ How long until I get my first connection?

This depends on your membership option. Once your account is set-up, initial payment taken, and you have completed the member profile in full, your data will be integrated into our matching solution and it is then just a matter of time for when a suitable match is identified. For members on our paid subscription tiers, matching is a complex process, and our Relationship Managers and Connect Co-Ordinators need time to cross-match your business with other members, but as soon as a match is identified we'll be in touch.

+ What if I get no suitable connections?

If you are on a paid subscription we are pro-actively looking to match you, so it therefore highly unlikely to happen - there are always good connections to be made, plus the data is always updating with new members and existing member profile updates. Of course, you decide whether to accept or decline any recommendations we make.

+ What is a Concurrent Connection?

This is how many introductions you can have running at any one time. Once you have met a match, and completed the post-meeting feedback form this "connection" becomes free for the next match.

+ How frequently will I be given matches?

We will connect you with a concurrent number of matches that your membership tier offers, for example, a free or Premier member can have one match live at any one time. Once you have met with that connection, and completed a feedback form, we will then be able to make the next match. Our approach is strictly about quality over quantity.

+ How many matches will I receive?

It's hard to give a general answer before we've been through the profiling process with you and run an analysis on potential matches. Plus with new members joining all the time and existing member profiles continuously being updated, matches will continue to be found that may not have been identified even just a few days ago.

+ Will I be bombarded with lots of matches to sift through?

No. Trafford Connect is all about quality over quantity - we would much rather provide you with one outstanding connection than 100 that waste your time. Our team qualify the matches, and then notify you of the possible connection. Only when both parties confirm they are receptive to the introduction will we create a formal introduction. We never make a 'cold' connection.

+ What areas do you cover?

Currently most of our members are in the South-East of England, although our reach extends throughout the UK. The service can also be used internationally.

+ Can I “pause” receiving introductions or connections?

Yes. We understand there may be times when you will not be able to handle new connections. You might be going on holiday, or be very busy with a particular project, for example. If you are on a paid subscription your membership fee is still payable whilst paused, and we will continue finding matches, but those matches will be held until you are ready to deal with them.

+ What constitutes a “Connection”?

We class a connection as successful when both parties are happy to start a conversation. We hope every connection will lead to a great opportunity for both parties, but we understand that may not happen straight away or every time. Recently, a Member informed us that a person they connected with through Trafford 7 years earlier got back in touch to do business with them. If you lay good foundations you can build a wealth of long-term solid relationships which will serve you for years to come.

+ Where do we meet a Connection?

This is entirely down to the parties involved. For the initial meeting we recommend a 'neutral ground' - a hotel lounge or coffee shop, for example, in a location that is easily accessible to both parties. Meeting each other half way is a great starting point for any business relationship. We do not recommend conference or video calls for the initial meeting.

+ Is there an online portal where I can manage my account?

This is an off-line introduction agency, which means there is no online account system.

+ How do you match us?

Our system analyses over 300 data points when identifying potential matches, and a member of our team personally reviews the findings. We look at a huge array of information to try and make the best match possible.

+ Can I request a particular industry or sector introductions?

Yes. When you complete your profile, we ask if you have any industry 'sweet spots'.

+ What if I don’t get along with the Introduction?

Thanks to the way we profile every member it is most unlikely you will find you have nothing in common. However, there is no obligation to stay in touch after the initial meeting. At the very least, you are now personally connected to a new contact, and who knows what the future holds, even if there is no immediate identifiable way forward.

+ What happens after I meet a match?

You decide what happens next. If you believe there is further opportunity to explore, we strongly recommend both parties agree the next step at the meeting so the opportunity doesn’t get lost in the noise of daily business.

+ How long is the membership tenure?

All our memberships are monthly rolling contracts, and the paid subscriptions are subject to a 3 month termination notice. You can downgrade your account subject to the same notice period, or upgrade at any time. We created our subscription packages to make it easy for you to manage this investment and to suit your budget.

+ What is the investment? Is there a joining fee?

There is no joining fee. All paid subscriptions are monthly, and again this depends on the membership option you select.

+ How can I cancel my membership and what is the notice period?

If you are on a paid subscription you can close your account by providing 3 full months’ notice. During the notice period we will continue to help find introductions, should you wish.

+ Can I suspend my membership?

We do not suspend memberships or subscriptions fees. You can pause receiving introductions for as long as you need, but this does not affect your payments. If you resign your membership (subject to our contractual terms) we can keep your profile on file, making it easier for you to re-join Trafford Connect in the future, or you can downgrade to a free account.

+ Do you need to be the business owner to join?

The vast majority of our members are the owner or a Director of the business, and they join wishing to meet their fellow piers from other companies. If you are not the business owner, Members wishing to only meet their piers will be excluded from potential matches for you, which could limit the matches we can make in general.

+ I'm a Premier member, what happens if I resign from my Premier group?

Your Connect membership will be closed with your Premier membership, or you can join one of the paid subscriptions, or simply have the free listing.

+ My question is not listed here...

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so please call us on 01372-748110? Our team are here to help Monday to Friday, 9.30am until 4.30pm.