Membership Options

Trafford Connect offers 4 membership options: Classic; Select; Harmony and Corporate.  Details about each membership are below:


Connect Classic

We integrate your Connect Classic member profile into our matching system, and run multiple scans to check for potential synergy matches. Our Connect Co-ordinator reviews and validates each identified match and notifies you. If you both parties accept the proposed match, we send an introductory email with respective member profiles attached, so you can arrange to meet.

The Benefits for Members

  • Profiled and listed on the Trafford Connect database , and included in all our matching scans
  • Members matched using our unique business profile analysis
  • Connect Co-Ordinators check and validate all potential matches
  • Emailed recommendations as identified
  • You are in full control of whom you are connected with - we always check with you first;
  • Warm introductions - our matches look forward to speaking with you

Connect Select

Take our matching solution to the next level with the Connect Select Membership, whereby you are assigned a Relationship Manager (RM) who personally helps to create tailored matches and qualified connections for you. Our RM will get to know you, understand your business, your requirements, and will assist with completing the information we need. Our RM personally searches for suitable matches for you, and will be using their expertise to keep working through our network to find regular synergy introductions.  When an introduction is identified your RM liaises with the other party, and personally connects you both.  We also follow-up post-meeting for feedback, which will help us further improve future matches. 

The Benefits for Members

  • All the benefits of Classic plus...
  • Personal matching by an appointed Relationship Manager 
  • Pro-active matching and scanning - we regularly cross-reference your profile with our database  
  • Keeping in Touch - we call to discuss potential connections and make introductions personally
  • Enhanced Profile Updating (EPU) - we liaise with you to continually enhance and update your profile over time, so the longer you work with us, the more refined the matches will be. 

Connect Harmony

Connect Harmony is the ultimate Trafford Membership because it combines both our networking and Connect matching expertise.  Members are personally selected by our Managing Director from the Connect membership as having the most aligned business, in terms of values, ethics and personality, and who are in tune with the ethos of our organisation.  This private network offers a revolutionary approach to networking and a powerful opportunity for you to grow your business.  Whilst you are collaborating with your fellow Harmony Members, we'll continue using the Connect solution to create external matches for you too!  Membership is strictly by invitation only and all members have to be re-elected after each term is served.

The Benefits for Members

  • All the benefits of Classic and Select membership, plus...
  • Exclusive membership of the Connect Harmony Networking Group (only available to 20 people)
  • Inclusive monthly stay-over and networking meeting with up to 20 aligned business owners
  • Your Membership is personally overseen by our Managing Director
  • Connect matches are verified by our Managing Director

Connect Corporate

If your business works primarily with large companies and the corporate market, consider our Connect Corporate service.  At all levels of Connect we primarily search for synergy introductions, and with Connect Corporate we introduce you to larger companies with an identified need or interest in your service.  Connect Corporate members also benefit from the Connect Classic and Select benefits, so in addition to Corporate connections we are helping to create synergy links with like-minded business owners for mutual benefit.  To be accepted for Connect Corporate you must be able to demonstrate a good trading history of servicing the size of company you wish to meet through Connect.

The Benefits For Members

  • All the benefits of Classic and Select membership, plus:
  • At least two meetings per year with qualifying companies, guaranteed.
  • Connect with other business owners also working with large companies and the corporate market
  • International search and matching opportunities 

Connect Trial

New to Trafford and not sure Connect is for you?  Try us!  We are happy to give you the opportunity to complete our Connect Classic membership profiling tool, and once done, we'll begin the search for compatible matches.  Once found, we'll call to let you know two recommendations, which will include a demonstration of why we matched you, but will not include any actual company identifiable information or contact details.  If you wish to connect, it will require a Connect membership.. 


Which membership is right for you? 

Call us: 01372-748110.