Enhancing Relationships

Trafford Connect is an invitation-only business matching and introduction service, which helps you meet people from other companies that you may want to do business with whether that be to directly service a need or to explore how you can help one another through a synergy relationship.

We are delighted to offer Premier Members a special package giving them free access to the Connect service.


The Premier Connect Package

Premier Connect is exclusive to Trafford Premier members plan - it is not available to anyone else. As a Premier member, you will receive access to Connect free for 12 months, at no additional subscription cost, and benefit from the following:

  • Included in global searches

  • Included in Premier top match searches

  • First match in any given month is free

  • Additional matches at just £48.70 + vat each (a 50% discount of the entry Connect plan).

  • Free comprehensive profiling

  • Update your profile for free

  • All matches are qualified

  • All introductions are warm

  • Email and Telephone support

Please note: to qualify for the Connect Premier plan you must have an active Premier Membership plan, and your subscription payments be fully up-to-date.


Let’s talk features…

In addition to all the great benefits above, there are so many unique features to Connect, that are part of all tiers of membership, including:

  • Complete your profile online

  • 300+ profile check to help us make great matches

  • Saves you a lot of time - you go straight to meeting contacts

  • You will be part of a highly sophisticated business introduction and matching solution;

  • Opportunities are constantly evolving with new people joining and existing members updating their profiles

  • Connect utilises contacts across the entire Trafford network;

  • Receive invites, where applicable, to Trafford Connect events (both online and offline);