Enhancing Growth

Eximius Groups are a monthly networking dinner exclusively for senior decision makers of highly successful, established and profitable companies.   

All Eximius members must be ambitious about their business growth, and willing to invest quality time in working with, recommending and introducing their fellow members to ensure everyone achieves supported and agreed business growth goals.

Our strict entry requirements, selection process and termly re-elections, ensure Eximius members are all operating at the right level, have the correct mindset, are committed to helping their fellow members and are a fair contributor to the group's growth, and achievement of member goals.  

Together we will drive growth and success to each other's businesses.  

Eximius members understand that if you surround yourselves with other successful business people, who are all attending committed to helping each other achieve their ambitious growth goals, everyone will win. 

Eximius is for ambitious business owners with significant plans to grow.


  • Each member has demonstrated their business meets the financial and ensure entry criteria.
  • Each member adopts the 12 Trafford principles of networking for abundance.
  • The group has an aligned ambitious turnover goal and work together to ensure all members achieve their goals.
  • Our format encourages strong professional friendships, build upon a solid respect and trust for one another.
  • Membership renewal is conditional upon members doing as they promise, bringing a fair proportion of business generated to the table, receiving and handling new business with excellence and successfully being re-elected by their fellow members. 
  • Our members always support, help and advise one another.  
  • Pledges of help and support are actioned live at the meeting.
  • Comprehensive and 100% transparent pledge and business tracking, from cradle to grave. 
  • Groups are limited to just 20 people to ensure meaningful relationships can be developed. 
  • Two categories of Eximius groups: Mixed professional services and Property Specialists. 
  • Events run from early afternoon through to the evening, including an overnight stay, to provide ample time for swift action  completion, 1-2-1's held, and above all to further aid the building of solid relationships.  Buffet lunch, light afternoon tea and dinner are also included in the experience.  

HOW TO ATTEND an eximius event

Priority of placement is given to Trafford Premier members who meet the above criteria.  Premier and Eximius guests are welcome by nomination of existing members only.   If you are not an existing Trafford member, and wish to attend, please ask a Trafford member to contact us with your nomination.