It's all about the thought...

Every December the Trafford Events adopt the format "Gift Networking".  This is an opportunity for members to bring a gift for the other members (and all attendees) to say thank you for their support over the past year.  

The Theme

The theme is to bring a gift you would like to receive. We’ll ask you to tell us why you would like to receive the gift you are giving when you give it out. The kindness and thought behind the gift is always more important than the value. 

The Format

If there is time, and the members wish, we will try to host all 3 business rounds, with round 1 being used to give the gift. However, usually, the events is more casual and social, and an opportunity just to have a lovely Christmas fun event and dinner together.

Gift Ideas

We appreciate, especially if you have not done this format before, that sometimes it can be difficult to get ideas, so below is a selection gifts received in the past. The thought is more important than the cost.  If you would like help with gift ideas or a sounding board with what you are thinking do give Sara a call.

Also, if you are thinking of giving a branded or promotional gift, why not speak to our promotional product members, Barry Starling and Shirley Price. They have a wealth of knowledge, expert guidance to offer, and will help you find a great idea that’s on budget for you.

The Barred List - Please do not give gifts that fall into this categories:

Charity gifts

The purpose of gift networking is to say thank you to the members for supporting you over the last year. If you say you donated money to a charity instead, well, then you are telling the members you put no thought into saying thank you to them, and instead decided to help a charity that has nothing to do with the group. The Gift should be something the members receive because you thought of them, and a gift they receive not some third party.


If you give a gift such as “buy one, get one free” or “25% off”, or “1 hours free coaching”, etc. these are conditional gifts. A gift should be something you gift to a member that has no minimum commitment or requirement on their part to contribute - it should be theirs to do with as they wish - an unconditional thoughtful kind gift. If you wouldn’t give it to someone on Christmas day, it probably won’t be appropriate to give at a Trafford event.

Chocolate Coins

Some members, in the past, have stopped at a local garage en route, and picked up some chocolate coins, and believe that’s a good enough gift. It’s not in the spirit of Trafford Christmas events. It’s totally lacking consideration and kindness and thought. Gift networking is an amazing format and 99% of members put in a wonderful thoughtful effort - don’t be part of the 1%.

Promotional Brochures and Generic Promotional Gifts, etc.

We love promotional gifts at Trafford! We think its a great way to give something thoughtful with your ID associated with it. However, some members in the past have clearly just grabbed their brochure, a bag and a few promotional items chucked it together with no thought from stuff they had in the cupboard, and think that’s sufficient. That is not in keeping with the theme of “a gift you would like to receive”. If you want to give a lovely promotional gift, talk to our members Shirley and Barry (see above) who will be happy to guide you. And please, leave the brochure at the office.

A Great Gift Idea

If you want to make sure you give a great gift, just stick to the theme “a gift I would like to receive” and you’ll do just great. Avoid the four exclusions above and you’ll also do just fine. The pictures above should help guide you on previous gift ideas too.