It's all about the thought...

Every December the Trafford Events adopt the format "Gift Networking".  This is an opportunity for members to bring a gift for the other members (and all attendees) to say thank you for their support over the past year.  

The Theme

The theme this year is to bring a gift for each of the other attendees that you would like to receive.  It is usually the same gift for each person.  We will be asking members in Round 1 to explain why they chose the gift they are giving.  

The kindness and thought behind the gift is always more important than the value. 

Gift Ideas

We appreciate, especially if you have not done this format before, that sometimes it can be difficult to get ideas, so below is a selection gifts received in the past. The thought is more important than the cost.  If you would like help with gift ideas or a sounding board with what you are thinking do give Sara or Jason a call.