Enhancing Trust

Our Trafford Supplier Recommendation Service (SRS) Account Managers work with Companies to help match your requirements and budget to the best Trafford approved supplier (our members).  A trusted source of suppliers that not only affords great protection for our clients, it also ensures they benefit from the highest quality of service and products, whilst often reducing costs.

There is no contingency fee.  We offer this service totally free of charge – so 100% of any saving realised is yours to keep!  Whether it be a single enquiry or a full supplier audit - we are happy to help.  You are free to use any or none of our recommendations - the choice is always yours.


The benefits are many fold for clients:

  • A confidential no cost, no fee, service;

  • No pressure. The choice is always yours;

  • We will always support our recommendations with reasons why we have personally selected the recommended members as potential suppliers to your company;

  • You Keep 100% of the saving;

  • You save time as well as money;

  • We identify supplier savings without compromising on quality;

  • SRS becomes a “Cold Call” shield from non-Trafford approved suppliers;

  • Free on-going supplier liaison;

  • A dedicated Account Manager who will get to know your business and how we can best help you;

  • Our people know (and meet regularly) all the suppliers we recommend;

  • Trafford’s approved suppliers meet our strict membership criteria – so you can buy with confidence;

  • All Trafford members are part of the Trafford Ranking system - and we only recommend members with a "recommended" or "highly recommended" status - meaning they have demonstrated they will deliver;

  • Arbitration is built in – so if anything does not go as planned, we are there to help sort things out fast.

Just some of 160 happy Trafford members here to help you

Just some of 160 happy Trafford members here to help you

Trafford SRS only recommends Trafford Approved Members.


 We meet every month with our members, many of whom we have known for years.  When we put forward a supplier, you can be sure we do so with total confidence in their abilities and business values, and furthermore those we recommend we will always provide reasons for why we selected this particular members(s).  Finally, to further reinforce the quality shield we offer, our members operate on a double edged sword: should they fail, they will damage their reputation with you + with our entire community - and that is something no company can ill afford to happen.

Entry for Suppliers as a Trafford Member is strictly by invitation only, subject to an interview with our Managing Director, and a successful vote of area members.  The business must also meet a series of criteria and commit to a monthly meeting.  In effect, we have vetted and pre-selected trusted suppliers on your behalf.

Let us help you

If you have a supplier need, or a supplier lets you down, just pick up the phone and talk to us. We promise no hard sell.  Our Member Relationships Managers will learn about your business, your requirements, and we will then match the companies we think best suit your specifications. We will always tell you why we are recommending each member. 

Call us on +44 (0)1372-748110