To be considered for Trafford Membership, it is preferred that you are nominated by an existing Member. However, if you are not aware of a Trafford Member who can nominate you, but you believe that the Trafford community aligns with your values please complete the Expression of Interest form below.

Although we cannot guarantee an invitation, we will review your answers and inform you whether we can take the process further and if so, what the next steps will be.










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Behind the doors you’ll find trafford very relaxed and friendly


“Initially we attended a Trafford meeting to see if we could get leads to grow our business. Introductions weren’t instantly forthcoming as (quite rightly) members needed to get to know us before they could recommend our services but we have now easily covered the cost with new good quality customers. But the true benefit is the advice, help and support we receive from the other like-minded group members who I enjoy meeting each month.” Chris Ball Membership Tenure: 10 years
We understand that any sort of vetting process can be cumbersome, however, at Trafford, we strive to ensure that our community is a suitable fit for all potential members. Once through the doors, you will discover that Trafford is a welcoming convivial community.