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The ratings are based on Trafford’s direct experience and that of its Members.

About The Venue

Nestled discreetly in the heart of Kensington, The Bentley Hotel provides a serene sanctuary that transports you away from the bustling capital. A momentary escape from the vibrancy of London, it offers a tranquil respite for all. Hosting two esteemed Trafford groups, London Premier and London Property, this venue provides an unrivalled private dining experience with impeccable five-star service, delectable cuisine, and stunning function spaces suitable for diverse events. Upon each return to the Bentley, guests are met with a warm and professional welcome that resonates throughout their stay. The accommodation is nothing short of extraordinary, with the presidential suite standing out as a highly recommended option. As the exclusive choice for all London-based Trafford events, the Bentley Hotel receives our highest recommendation and admiration.

Trafford Feedback

Having been with this venue as our sole London venue for over 10+ years and found the hotel consistently exceeded expectations with its impeccable delivery. The events were expertly organised, leaving no detail overlooked. The culinary offerings are delightful, and every member of the front-of-house team you interact with goes above and beyond to assist you. They truly understand how to create a remarkable experience, leaving us all thoroughly satisfied.  Recent changes in management did make this relationship’s future questionable, however, we hope we are through this period now.   

The Bentley is a beautiful venue.  We still find it mesmerised visiting, with its beautiful foyer entrance and exquisitely designed dining room that captures the true spirit of Trafford. Each visit is a delightful journey into an exceptional dining experience. The meals served are consistently phenomenal, leaving us all thoroughly satisfied.  It is a shame that the management leave us feeling unappreciated, and this venue for the first time in over 10+ years of loyalty from Trafford, is now being reconsidered.